Where Recycling Goes

Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Metals

Most of VMI’s recyclables are picked up by the City of Lexington and delivered to their local recycling partner. There, the materials are hand-sorted by type and quality, and like materials are baled for shipment to buyers. Recyclable items are valuable resources used as inputs for manufacturing processes in our region, which directly contributes to sustaining local jobs.

VMI’s managed documents, such as purged archive files, go to a document management company for proper destruction and recycling.


VMI sends all batteries to a hazardous waste facility that handles them responsibly.

Ink and Toner Cartridges

VMI recycles cartridges through its service contract with Ricoh.

Construction Debris

VMI is making progress in this area. Our project managers are working with contractors to divert construction and demolition materials from the landfill whenever possible. Often, these materials are taken to salvage yards, or facilities that use them as inputs for materials such as concrete or metal products.