Image of Col. Stacey Vargas and male cadet with USP equipment 
Physics professor Col. Stacey Vargas mentors a cadet working in her ultrashort pulse laser lab, funded in part by a New Directions in Teaching and Research grant. – VMI File Photo by Kelly Nye.

The support provided by the Jackson-Hope Fund is a source of inspiration and encouragement to the Institute’s faculty and staff to develop as teachers and scholars who are able to stimulate and promote academic engagement among cadets.

To meet its goal of advancing academic excellence at Virginia Military Institute, the Board of Overseers has worked with the Dean of the Faculty to develop funding priorities for initiatives that boldly advance academic achievement.

The Fund has been used to support curricular and pedagogical innovations within traditional academic disciplines, faculty development programming, professorships in emerging areas of study, and purchases of special equipment and computer resources.

Jackson-Hope has made possible pursuit of key initiatives that make VMI a distinctive college, such as the Math Education Resource Center’s Open Math Lab, the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research, and programming in the Center for Leadership and Ethics. Jackson-Hope has also provided resources to recruit, retain, and develop an outstanding faculty that is committed to undergraduate education.

The Jackson-Hope Fund is making a great difference at the Institute.