Construction Management

Construction Management is the application of engineering to time, material, labor, cost, and quality management of construction projects including the complex coordination of construction events, conformance with design specifications, and design and contract modifications to meet project-specific field conditions. 

Suggested Course Selection for Civil Engineering with a focus in the Construction Management Subdiscipline:

  • CE302 Dynamics (ESE I)
  • CE350 Project Management (required)
  • CE403 Foundations (DE)
  • CE436 Transportation Planning & Design (DE)
  • CE437 Construction Methods & Management (TE)
  • GE306 Engineering Geology (NSE)
  • 1 open Engineering Science Elective II
  • 3 open Technical Electives or Independent Research

DE = Design Elective

TE = Technical Elective

ESE = Engineering Science Elective (I, II)

NSE = Natural Science Elective

The technical electives selected from within the Civil and Environmental Department must meet the following distribution requirements:

  • 6 credits of Design Elective from CE403, CE408, CE415, CE423, CE428, CE436
  • 4 credits of Natural Science Elective from GE306 or BI101
  • 3 credits of Engineering Science Elective I from CE302, ME311, EE351
  • 3 credits of Engineering Science Elective II from CE401, CE402, CE404, CE406, CE429, CE479, other EE and ME 300 or 400 level courses
  • 12 credits of other technical electives from above or CE437, CE443, CE455-460, CE461

Regardless of the specific concentration or courses selected, graduates of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.