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Keydets Without Borders

The Mission of Keydets Without Borders is to combine the efforts of interested students in all majors in a collaborative effort to enhance the living conditions of developing areas worldwide.

Through this effort, students will increase their global perspective, work as a team to design and implement sustainable engineering and humanitarian solutions to poverty, and gain hands-on experience applying their skills and talents towards the common good.

The Goal of the KWB Organization is to provide interested students with the opportunity to apply their diverse academic backgrounds to real-life situations for the benefit of those lacking basic human needs, such as clean drinking water and basic medical care. Students in the VMI and W&L club will work together to design and implement sustainable engineering, medical, environmental, and economical projects to help impoverished communities become healthier and self-sufficient. Keydets Without Borders offers members the opportunity to design these projects on campus during the school year. However, interested students may also travel abroad for the implementation of these designs.

Students from all majors are welcome to join Keydets Without Borders Club and utilize their particular talents and interests for the betterment of suffering communities around the world. As a group, we envision helping these communities meet their basic human needs and become self-sufficient, while the members involved gain enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional education opportunities that the program provides.

Major Paul Ackerman, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor of Engineering at VMI is the cadets' and chapter's faculty advisor.




The Pampoyo Project

The village of Pampoyo is situated at over 13,000 feet above sea level. The community subsists on farm produce that they sell in the nearest market town.

Water piped from a spring is their main source drinking water. However, a stream used for irrigation has become polluted by the waste created by nearby mining activities. The village also lacks any latrines or other bathroom facilities.

The Blue Ridge Professional Chapter will address each of these needs, in order to improve health, nutrition, sanitation, and the economic well-being of the village.

How You Can Help

Donations are needed and appreciated in all amounts. All donations to Keydets Without Borders are administered by the VMI Foundation and are tax deductible. Please clearly designate your donation by selecting "other" and entering "KWB" to be sure your donation reaches us.

The VMI Foundation, will promptly mail you a tax receipt and acknowledgement letter citing that your contribution was to KWB. If you are an alumnus, please note that all contributions will be counted towards you reunion and lifetime giving.