Internship Program

The Economics and Business Department at VMI places a special emphasis on assisting cadets who are interested in practical internship experience, with an internship coordinator who assists cadets in securing summer internships in various fields of business.

The ECBU Internship Program helps cadets research, pursue, and apply for internships usually in the summer between 2nd- and 1st-class years. Internships are arranged for compensation and/or course credit in the department. 

The sources and opportunities are broad including but not limited to financial management companies, advertising agencies, and non-profit organizations. Many factors will affect cadets' success in this endeavor, some obvious, some less so.  These competitive opportunities are open to all cadets, regardless of GPA, personal skills, or history.   

Internship Coordinator
Bruce MacDonald 
326 Scott Shipp Hall

Internship for Credit Coordinator
Lt. Col. Jennifer Gerow
342 Scott Shipp Hall


The Economics and Business Internship Program is supported in part by the George J. Collins 1962 Economics Fund.