Cadence represents an important turning point in the storied history of Sounding Brass, VMI’s first cadet-run journal for literature and the arts. As we begin this new chapter, we believe it is important to honor the traditions of Sounding Brass and to reflect on its legacy as a vital platform for creative expression.

The first editors of Sounding Brass wrote of the uncertainty of their undertaking; by no means was the journal’s success assured. They envisioned a forum in which all members of the Corps might have their voices heard, and the years of cadet writing, and later, visual art, that followed have answered their prophetic call resoundingly. Since the first issue in 1966, Sounding Brass has served as a place for cadets to ply their creative talents, opening small windows onto their everyday lives and reflecting their perspectives on their contemporary concerns, including war, social movements, and an ever-changing Institute.

The new title, Cadence, honors both the regimented call-and-response work song, so familiar to cadets from their daily lives, as well as the term in its more poetic context, indicating the rhythmic unfolding of sounds and words. Cadence represents the best of these two worlds, a beauty ceaselessly forged from the everyday experiences of cadets at Virginia Military Institute. —From the Editors

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