Online Course Delivery Methods

Synchronously - meaning in real time.  All courses delivered in a synchronous manner will be offered during the regularly scheduled date/time (1st CP – 0730), (2nd CP – 0945), and (3rd CP – 1230).  Think of this as a mandatory class meeting.  It is your responsibility to be present during real-time courses.  If you have a legitimate reason to miss a class session (e.g., illness or a medical appointment), you must notify your professor in advance and explain the circumstances.  You will be held accountable for any work missed, just as you would in missing a class on Post.  Having a part-time job is not an excuse to miss the class period.  A course delivered in a synchronous manner will be bound by the class attendance policy (see below). 

Class Attendance:  The intensive nature of Summer Session work requires class attendance. In case of serious illness or an emergency, the Director may waive the attendance rule. Students are responsible for all class assignments, supplementary readings, and lecture material. A grade of zero may be assigned for work missed because of unexcused absences. Instructors will keep attendance records and a student will be assigned a "W" or "WF" when his or her absences, whether excused or not, equal fifteen per cent of the class (6.3 class periods/ 3 credit course) (each day contains 2 class periods for a 3 credit course)  or laboratory periods. A student who has been withdrawn from all courses will not be eligible to attend classes or use any VMI facilities.

Asynchronously - meaning the course will not meet during the normal Monday-Friday class day.  For these courses, you will need to create your own structure so that you keep up with the required course material. If you are having trouble maintaining structure, contact your professors or the Miller Academic Center for assistance.

Hybrid of Synchronous and Asynchronous - some courses will be delivered through a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods.  Students will be required to attend all synchronous class meetings (during original class times).  Students will have to create their own learning structure during the asynchronous delivery portion of the course.