Throughout the Summer Transition Program a neat personal appearance and adherence to the other VMI Summer Session rules and regulations are required. Please refer to your confirmation letter for specific requirements.


Attendance is required at all classes, physical training sessions, and announced meetings.

Non-cadet visitors are not permitted in barracks.

While honor is sacred to cadets it must be remembered there may be other people in the barracks during the summer who do not hold honor and integrity in the same esteem. We recommend a lockbox and the use of bankcards or checks instead of cash.

VMI upperclassmen are prohibited from dating, or attempting to date, students in the Summer Transition Program. Likewise, STP students are prohibited from dating, or attempting to date, VMI upperclassmen.

STP students will receive a post office box number when they arrive which will serve as their mailing address while at VMI.

Students may bring a motor vehicle to STP.  Vehicle registration is required on the STP application and the associated $40 fee must be received in advance along with STP tuition and fees. The use of cars by STP students is restricted to weekends, but students will not be permitted to leave VMI for the weekend.  Students will receive a parking pass and map of designated parking areas at STP check-in.

The VMI Infirmary, staffed by nurses with a physician on call, will be open to treat STP students between 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday during the STP term.

There is no laundry service at VMI during the summer. However, coin operated washers and dryers are available on Post and in the community within walking distance of the Post.

There are many opportunities for students to pursue recreational activities at VMI and the surrounding areas. At VMI there are racquetball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a weight room, indoor and outdoor running tracks, outdoor fields, and jogging trails. In the surrounding area there is a golf course where students can play at reduced rates.  Please refer to your STP confirmation letter regarding specific clothing requirements for workouts and swimming while at VMI.

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