Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Due to on-going construction near Third Barracks, the location for STP Registration Day on 2-July has been changed to Cocke Hall.

Do I need to bring PT gear?
Yes, you should bring enough PT gear for 1-2 physical training sessions. We will issue you PT shirts and shorts, however, that takes place a day or two after you arrive. Everyone will take a physical training test before then. 

Can I bring a trunk? Can I leave it at VMI for the summer? 
Yes, you can bring a trunk (approximate size 13" high x 17" wide x 31" long) or another piece of luggage of approximately the same size (all other luggage must fit inside). It is recommended that the piece of luggage be lockable. Sensitive and expensive items should not be stored in the Barracks' trunk room. VMI does not have insurance to cover damage, loss, or theft.  You must bring the trunk/luggage and all other items home with you after STP.

Can I stay the night before STP registration? What do I need to do to make that happen?
Yes, students may stay in barracks the night before registration. If you plan to stay in barracks that night, please send an email to CAPT John “Ned” Riester at

What am I allowed to wear?  
Throughout the Summer Transition Program a neat personal appearance and adherence to the other VMI Summer Session rules and regulations are required. Appropriate dress in the dining hall and in classes is as follows:

MEN:  Shoes, jeans or slacks, dress shorts, and shirts with sleeves designed for outer garment wear are required.

WOMEN: Shoes, jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses, dress shorts, and shirts/blouses with sleeves designed for outer garment wear are required.

Both men and women are expected to wear either shoes or sandals with straps. Flip flop or shower shoes are not authorized. With the exception of females, who are authorized to wear earrings, students are not allowed to wear body-piercing adornments while on Post. We issue shoes and boots for the daytime wear to class. You will be able to wear what you want in the evenings. It is recommended that you always wear something on your feet while in barracks. Ensure you bring some running shoes for PT sessions.

Is long hair permitted for male STP students?

Can I wear jewelry and makeup?
Yes. However, as noted above body piercing adornments, with the exception of earrings for women, are not authorized.

How many things should I bring to wear of each item such as socks or undergarments?
Each person has their own level of comfort for the number of pairs of socks or undergarments they should bring. There are washing facilities in barracks (fee associated). STP students are responsible for laundering.

What kind of toiletries do I need to bring, how much should I bring?
Bring what you would normally require for a four week stay away from home. You are able to use whatever toiletries, soaps, or shampoos you like.

Can I bring a fan? 
Yes.  Fans can be 12”-16”.

Can I bring a refrigerator? No.

Do I need to bring a computer?
Computers are not required at STP. Those taking ERH-101 should probably bring one to write their papers during class tutorial sessions. Cell phones, IPad, etc. are also allowed.  Many students also bring a Hydropak, but it is not required.

Can I lock my barracks door?
No.  Doors stay unlocked in barracks.

Can I leave on the weekends?  When do I need to return?
Yes, you may leave on the weekends.  An estimated 60% of students leave on the weekends. STP students can leave after tutorial class on Friday.  You must return by 10 PM on Sunday.

Where can I park my car?  When can I use my car?
You will receive a parking map when registering your vehicle on STP Registration Day. Cars can be used on weekends, but not during the week.

**The authority on what to bring to VMI when you Matriculate can be found in the New Cadet Handbook**