Academic Support

Miller Academic Center

The Miller Academic Center facilitates cadets’ academic success and timely progress toward a degree.

Appointments and general MAC services:

The Center will work with cadets through email and video conferences using our current scheduling system, which supports synchronous online appointments and meetings. Phone conferences are also an option.

Peer Academic Support:

Facilitators and academic coaches will use to track and respond to questions. We are planning to continue offering weekly study sessions either synchronously or asynchronously based on cadet needs and their available equipment. Professional online tutoring is available 24/7 for many subjects at

Additional types of support as needed:

The MAC will monitor as best we can what is happening with cadets in this new learning environment and offer additional resources to include virtual workshops, consultations, and coaching as needed.

Writing Center

The Writing Center works to improve cadet writing, at any level and in any discipline.  Professional and peer writing consultants work with cadets in one-on-one conferences on every aspect of the writing process, from planning a paper to polishing the final draft.

Consultants can help:

  • Conquer writer's block
  • Brainstorm and choose a topic
  • Develop outlines
  • Narrow topics and formulate a thesis
  • Incorporate sources effectively
  • Acknowledge sources properly
  • Develop strategies for revision, editing, and proofreading

The Writing Center will continue working with cadets via WCOnline. Cadets can schedule an appointment for an eTutorial or, in some cases, online real-time consultation by following the instructions for uploading drafts and receiving feedback from a Writing Center consultant. All online services continue to adhere to the VMI Honor Code and Work-for-Grade policies.

Math Education Resource Center (MERC) / Online Math Lab (OML)

Cadets and tutors work together to assess math skills of incoming students and improve those skills to achieve their goals while at the Institute. Tutors at the center are trained, knowledgeable, and current on the specific techniques and problems taught by VMI mathematics teaching faculty.

The MERC website had been updated with the schedule of our tutors along with their email addresses. Cadets who want to schedule a tutorial will visit the website, see who is available at what times, and contact the tutor via email. Once the tutor receives an email request, he or she will invite the cadet to a meeting through the Zoom app under our Teams account. The app will generate an email with a link the cadet can use to join the meeting with the tutor.