Update from VMI Financial Aid - The previous issue has been resolved and financial aid data is now available in Post View.

Post View Instructions

First Time Applicants
You may already have a Post View account if:
If you requested information to be mailed to you, signed up for an Open House, or previously started an application you already have a username and PIN (password) in the system.
This username and PIN (password) will be emailed to you around Sept. 1.
I don't know my username or PIN.
To request your username if you do not know it or if you have not received it by email, contact admissions at: admissions@vmi.edu or help@vmi.edu.
After Sept. 1, you may also search for your account by your last name.
Search by Last Name

How do I create a Post View account?
If you are new to VMI (i.e. have not received mail from us or been to an open house), you will need to establish a Post View account.
Create a New Post View Account