Citizen Soldiers

VMI's mission is to produce men and women educated for civilian life and also prepared to serve their country in the Armed Forces.

Approximately 50% of VMI graduates begin their careers with service in the armed forces.  Many others serve their country and communities in the civilian sector, including service with the CIA, FBI, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Teach for America.

Philosophy of Service to Others

All cadets participate in service opportunities at some point during their cadetship. Classroom experiences and hands-on participation in community projects give cadets an awareness of the importance of service to others.

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Service in the Armed Forces

Historically about 20 percent of VMI graduates have made the military a career. However, approximately 50 percent are commissioned each year upon graduation. Cadets must take four years of ROTC instruction and are encouraged to take a commission in the service of their choice, but commissioning is not mandatory.

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