Coronavirus Updates - All events on Post through May 14 are cancelled, and Post is closed to the general public. More

For Employees

Information current as of March 29, 2020

  • The VMI Human Resources office is providing services primarily via phone or email. Paperwork, timesheets, and other documents may be scanned and emailed, sent through the Post mail, or hand delivered and passed through the mail slot on the main entrance.
  • Temporary leave guidelines due to the closure of K-12 schools are in effect through March 27, 2020:
    • Please do not bring children to work.
    • All full-time and part-time hourly wage employees who are parents/guardians of school-age children and are unable to find child care arrangements can take leave as necessary while school are closed.
    • Full-time employees are to use paid leave balances for such leave while part-time employees would take unpaid leave.
    • Flexibility is provided to supervisors to structure alternate work schedules for both full-time and part-time employees to promote social distancing and care of children while still providing essential services. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you will need to take leave or require an alternate work schedule.
    • Please consider limiting use of leave to what is absolutely necessary out of consideration for the additional workload your absence may create for your coworkers.
  • Benefited employees affected by the coronavirus are eligible for up to 80 hours of emergency leave if they are ill or are attending to an infected family member. Details are available by contacting VMI Human Resources.
  • VMI employees who are able to perform their normal work duties from home are encouraged to telecommute. Each director or department head will determine which positions qualify for telecommuting. Contrary to current policy, use of home computers may be authorized and a telecommuting agreement is not required. Meeting the operational needs of the Institute is the greatest factor in authorizations granted to employees to telecommute. This is in effect until further notice.
  • Telecommuting requires adequate internet access at home.
  • Employees who are currently receiving stipends for additional duties will be evaluated on an individual basis and compensated according to the accomplishment of additional duties. The VMI Human Resources office will contact employees receiving a stipend with the final determination being made by the IPC Policy Group.
  • All Institute-related international travel is cancelled.
  • In accordance with the governor’s executive order, any Institute-related travel outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia is cancelled. Only essential travel within Virginia may be considered. The appropriate IPC member, in consultation with the requestor, will make a final determination if such travel is essential.
  • All Post facilities are closed to the public. No visitors, family members, guests, or cadets who are not authorized to reside in barracks during this period of online instruction will be permitted on VMI or in the Stonewall Jackson House, New Market Battlefield, barracks, or Lejeune Hall.
  • Those unaffiliated with the Institute may drive through Post or walk on designated outside walkways maintaining social distance. Unaffiliated individuals are requested not to loiter or congregate on Post.
  • All on-Post construction activities are currently scheduled to continue. Employees should expect to see scheduled construction activities and deliveries at Scott Shipp Hall, Preston Library and numerous locations in support of the Post Infrastructure Improvement project.
  • Preston Library will be closed to the public as well as VMI employees who are not members of the library staff. All electronic resources will continue to be available. Employees who wish to access print materials (with the exception of interlibrary loan print materials, which are not available) will need to request and checkout books from Preston Library via a form. Directions/guidance is given here: under the tab “Faculty: Request Library Book Checkout.”
  • All Post buildings will be locked until further notice. Employees may use their VMI IDs to access their offices. Availability of spaces in many Post buildings will be reduced to accommodate for available staffing and to reduce maintenance.
  •  The Retirement Parade for retiring VMI Staff and Faculty has been cancelled. We are evaluating several “combined” options that may see a faculty farewell and retirement reception in the Hall of Valor of Marshall Hall on 4 May 2020 or a postponement until the Fall Semester.
  • The Employee Breakfast on 12 May has been postponed and will occur early in the Fall Semester, at which time service award certificates will be presented.



March 15, 2020

To All VMI Employees:

VMI values our employees and their families and realizes that the recent K-12 Virginia school closing announcement from Governor Northam has resulted in parents of school age children urgently seeking child care arrangements.  Because of this, the following temporary leave guidelines are being implemented at VMI for the next two weeks, beginning Monday, 16 March 2020 through Friday, 27 March 2020:

  • Please do not bring your children to work with you.
  • All full-time and part-time hourly wage employees who are parents/guardians of school age children, who are unable to find child care arrangements, can take leave as necessary for the next 2 weeks.
  • Full-time employees would use paid leave balances; part-time employees would take unpaid leave.
  • Flexibility is provided to Supervisors to structure alternate work schedules for both full-time and part-time employees that may be utilized to provide increased accommodations to support child care arrangements.
  • Please notify your Supervisor as soon as possible if you will need to take leave or require an alternate work schedule to care for your children.
  • Childcare resource referrals can be accessed through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at the phone numbers listed on the EAP Brochure. This is available for all employees with medical coverage.  We recognize that obvious limitations may exist with availability of services

Based on the additional workload that your absence may create for your co-workers, please consider limiting your use of leave to what is absolutely necessary based on your situation.  Communicate with your supervisor so that determinations can be made on how best to support each employee.  Please provide a measure of patience as we all collectively strive for the best outcome for employees and VMI.  Additional guidelines will be provided should the school closings be extended beyond March 27, 2020.

The current situation and guidelines are changing daily.  Additional information will be provided on human resource related topics. 


Dallas B. Clark
Brigadier General