Coronavirus Updates - All events on Post through May 14 are cancelled, and Post is closed to the general public. More

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about Coronavirus, symptoms, how it is spread, and who is most at risk?

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health sites dedicated to Coronavirus information.

What are the plans for cleaning barracks and other areas on post?

The general process for cleaning barracks, academic spaces, and other areas on post has been aligned with guidelines of the CDC and VDH. This will continue through spring furlough and beyond. Custodial staff are not permitted to clean inside the individual cadet rooms, so cadets are required to clean their own spaces, especially door knobs, desktops, and sinks.

How will expenses be handled or reimbursed if Institute travel is interrupted?

Please contact the Comptroller’s office at ext. 7270 with travel expense questions.

How do I find out the status or any updates for events currently scheduled at VMI?

Any operational updates and/or cancellations to events at VMI are listed on this webpage. If your event is not listed under the Operational Updates / Cancellation section of this page, it is still scheduled to occur as planned. For more information about events that have been changed or canceled, contact the office responsible for the event:

Where do I direct any additional questions regarding coronavirus concerns for VMI?

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact Please allow up to 72 hours for response.

Will the Institute refund a portion of Spring 2020 tuition?  

There are no plans to refund tuition as cadets are currently expected to participate in their classes online and earn full credit for the semester’s work.  Tuition will continue to pay for faculty instruction as well as all costs associated with educational delivery.

Will VMI refund a portion of Spring 2020 Room, Board and/or Other Fees? 

The immediate focus has been protecting the health of cadets, faculty, staff and community.  A working group has been established to review, among many other things, the possibility of offering prorated credits for some expenses, including those related to housing and dining.  It’s very difficult to determine, at this time, how long the current situation will persist, however, we do intend to make these financial decisions as soon as possible and share them accordingly.

Will I be able to commission when I return to retrieve my belongings from barracks?

It is preferred and highly encouraged that cadets expecting to commission return to Post one time, to clear barracks and conduct an individual commissioning through the ROTC on the same day.  Graduation requirements necessary to commission will not be approved and official until after May 13.  Priority to schedule barracks clearance will be given to commissioning cadets from May 14 through May 17.  Please schedule your barracks move-out and coordinate with your respective ROTC detachment to do both during the same trip.

I have belongings in an academic building or an athletic facility. Will I be able to retrieve those when I come back to clear barracks?

All Post buildings are closed to cadets and to the public. Access to other Post buildings during your visit will be coordinated through CSM Rubenstein and the Commandant’s office. Please let her know of any access requests when you make your appointment to clear out barracks.  At the same time, you should also let your Department Head or Coach know.  You will not be granted access to any building on Post unless you have coordinated with the Commandant’s office and been medically screened and cleared by medical personnel from the Infirmary.

Additional Contacts

Commandant of Cadets - Lt. Col. Faust, or 540-464-7718

Dean - or 540-464-7212

Infirmary - 540-464-7218