Our Graduates

Virginia Military Institute strives to provide a climate in which a student may become an educated, healthy, whole person.

Employers, as well as graduate and professional schools, value the individual who uses words with clarity and force, who possesses the capacity to handle abstract and quantitative ideas, who effectively works harmoniously and productively with others, who understands human institutions and the social and economic environment, and who thinks independently.

Personal attributes of integrity and dependability are of great worth.

Development of such basic abilities is not the monopoly of any course or curriculum, or even of the academic program itself, for at VMI it is the total program of academic, military, and extracurricular activity that fosters such development.


Cadets who want to begin their careers with a commission in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard have an advantage if they start at VMI. Cadets who commission from VMI routinely receive their top branch or occupational specialty selection.


Cadets who begin their careers in the civilian world step into that world with a kind of confidence that’s rare.  Through leadership positions of many different kinds – rank in the cadet regiment or ROTC unit, lab assistant, team captain, cadet in charge of a club or a project – cadets learn how to coordinate with others and lead with assurance.