Gift Policies

The VMI Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its policies for receipt and stewardship of donations are summarized below. More information on these policies is available in the Gift Policy Manual.

  • Only gifts that will advance the core mission of raising money for support of the Institute can be accepted.
  • In accepting a gift, the Foundation also accepts a responsibility to steward the gift.
  • Routine gifts, including cash, publicly traded securities, and tangible personal property, are accepted through the Foundation’s executive vice president’s office. Gifts in kind to be retained by the Foundation for use by the Institute may be accepted after review by the Board of Trustees Property Management and Gifts Committee.
  • Gifts accepted by the Foundation must not inhibit it from seeking gifts from other donors, be they similar or different, foreign or domestic.
  • Gifts must be designed and administered in a manner consistent with legal requirements.

Gift Policy Manual