Financial Support for Class Rings

The VMI Foundation on behalf of the Alumni of VMI regularly present to the 2nd Class a check to assist the Class commence their preparations for their Ring Figure as well as $100 for each member of the 3rd Class to helping defray the cost of the second most note worthy aspect of becoming a VMI graduate, the class ring.

This gift is a gesture of support from the VMI alumni to each member of the 3rd Class. This gesture while generous in nature, comes with a commitment. The VMI Alumni ask that the members of the 3rd Class join them in the tradition that sets VMI aside as institution matched by few. That tradition is one of giving back and helping successive generations of VMI men and women become honorable and purposeful leaders, prepared to succeed in their chosen careers and serve their communities and country.

As a member of the 3rd Class, if you are interested in receiving this traditional gesture of support from the VMI Alumni, please enter your name and click the submit button.