The Barracks Program

The Barracks Program encourages graduating classes to give back to the Institute upon graduation. The program is based on a successive building block approach to developing an awareness of giving back and alumni support. The program includes several key highlights:

  • The Breakout mug given to cadets after Breakout;
  • An orientation to the third class and presentation of the Ring Figure/Ring support donation; and
  • The class campaign starting with the second classmen and culminating with the selection of the class agent and ending with a successful first class campaign.

Fourth Class

The goal of the 4th Class program is to introduce the class to the Foundation. This is accomplished by the presentation of a mug at Breakout.

Following the selection of class officers in the spring, they will be invited to a special dinner to meet the Foundation CEO, who gives a brief introduction to the Barracks Program.

Third Class

The goal of the 3rd Class program is to introduce the class to the concept of the philanthropic role of alumni.

The Foundation works with alumni speakers to build awareness of what alumni do for VMI. This is emphasized by the presentation of a financial contribution to the class at a dinner hosted by the Foundation. Includes in this check is “seed” money to start the class’ effort on Ring Figure planning.

Second Class

The goal of the 2nd Class program is to emphasize the philanthropic role of alumni – a focus on giving. This is accomplished by encouraging the class to form a committee to prepare to work on the fundamental organization for a 1st Class Campaign.

First Class

The goal of the 1st Class program is to continue emphasis on their philanthropic role as alumni – a focus on giving.

Participation is key – encourage a class member to make a three year commitment to VMI, regardless of the size of the gift. The program for the 1st Class culminates at Graduation Parade when the Class President challenges the rising First Class President to "pull forward" of the upcoming graduating class.