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On The Bricks!

Will you be present and accounted for? Join your Brother Rats on the walk in front of barracks. Commemorate your years at VMI. Ensure that your name is permanently inscribed in the history of VMI, for all cadets and visitors to see. Designate a brick in memory of a deceased alumnus. Or honor a family member or friend.

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The brick sidewalk in front of Barracks displays inscriptions of the names of more than 5,100 alumni and friends who have given at least $2,500 in support of VMI since the program began.

Donors are honored at such a prominent place on post – truly, the heart of the Institute – because of the central position of private money to the Institute's finances. Private money makes up more than a quarter of the Institute’s income.


Those who donate $2,500 or more in cash gifts of any kind, restricted or unrestricted, are offered the opportunity to emplace a brick in their own name or in memory of a deceased alumnus.

Once they cross the $2,500 threshold, donors receive a sample inscription in their own name. They are asked to notify the VMI Foundation in writing to decline a brick, to request that their brick be in another’s name, or to change the text on their brick. Opportunities to order and place a brick are offered twice a year, in time for placement before the spring and fall reunion weekends.

Donors are grouped with their Brother Rats in the Alumni section or in the Friends of VMI section. In the Alumni section, the preferred format is first name, middle initial, last name, followed by suffixes such as Jr., I, II, and III. Titles, honorifics, military rank, and nicknames are not allowed. In the Friends section, titles and suffixes may be used, along with Mr. and Mrs. Also in that section, bricks may be purchased for living individuals.

Donors may also purchase an additional brick for a friend, relative, or deceased Brother Rat or alumnus by donating an additional $2,500 in cash to the Institute.

To Purchase Bricks

For more information on this program and information on purchasing a brick, please contact

Sam Sorrells
Associate Director for Annual and Reunion Giving
Ph: 800-444-1839, ext. 250