Corporations and Foundations

The Institute's extraordinary education – a combination of rigorous academics and a challenging co-curriculum – prepares its graduates morally as well as intellectually to offer purposeful and honorable leadership in their chosen professions and their communities. It also instills in them an ethos of selfless service to their country and their neighbors.

There are many elements to VMI’s effective education. For example, its engineering programs are consistently rated among the country’s best, and its undergraduate research program provides dozens of cadets the opportunity to conduct and publish serious research. The fully accredited Department of Economics and Business offers cadets a solid foundation in both economic theory and practical management that makes its graduates highly attractive to employers.

The programs of the Center for Leadership and Ethics introduce cadets to the challenges of exercising principled leadership in a wide variety of careers. The Department of International Studies and Politics enlightens hundreds of cadets about the increasingly complex, but always intriguing world of international affairs and national security.

In these and many other programs on Post, there are innumerable opportunities for partnerships between VMI and corporations and foundations. If your organization is interested in supporting VMI or you know of one that might be, please contact Megan H. Newman, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, call 800-444-1839, ext. 270, or contact via email