Society of Family and Friends

The term “The VMI Family” describes the people – cadets, faculty and staff, alumni, cadets’ relatives, and friends of VMI – who have a relationship with VMI.

While their relationships may differ, these people share a sincere belief in VMI’s mission: to educate cadets to be honorable, purposeful, and resolute leaders who are ready to serve their neighbors and their country. They steadfastly support the extraordinary way by which VMI accomplishes its mission and are intensely committed to advancing VMI’s welfare.

In 2005, in partnership with the VMI Parents Council, the VMI Foundation established the Society of VMI Family and Friends to encourage non-alumni family and friends to engage in the effort to support the Institute. Currently, there are more than 1,100 Society members.

The Benefits of Support

Membership is available to current parents who give $25 and others who give $100 to any component of VMI Annual Giving. Members receive an annual subscription to The Institute Report and are enrolled in their local chapter of the VMI Alumni Association where they are invited to participate in the chapter’s events.

Upon joining, members also receive a Society of VMI Family and Friends bumper sticker. Parents of former cadets are encouraged to join!

Parents of current cadets: $25.00

Non-alumni family and friends: $100.00

Family and friends who makes a contribution of $5000 or more will receive a medallion with the VMI Spider logo engraved and “The Society VMI of Family and Friends” around the outside.

To become a member of The Society of VMI Family and Friends, please visit the secure online donation page.