With its roots in the Educational Fund of the Alumni Association created in 1934 and the Sportsman Club founded after World War II, the VMI Keydet Club was formally established in 1973. Today, its declared mission is: “To contribute to the Spirit and development of a successful Division I athletic program that benefits the whole of VMI.”

The Keydet Club accomplishes this mission by four means. First, in its traditional role, it raises the funds needed to provide grant-in-aid support to VMI’s NCAA cadet-athletes through the Keydet Club Scholarship Fund and Team Scholarship Funds. Second, through the Athletic Operations Fund (unrestricted support), it raises money to support the day-to-day operations and various improvements of VMI’s intercollegiate athletic program. Third, it raises endowments that will provide critical long-term financial support to VMI intercollegiate sports. Finally, through the numerous events that it conducts in conjunction with athletic competition on Post and away, it helps to build support for VMI’s fourteen athletic teams and the coaches, staff, and cadet-athletes involved with them.

The steadfast and generous support of the Keydet Club’s donors enables VMI to attract, develop, and retain the best young people who accept the challenges of being a VMI cadet-athlete and compete at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.