Detachment 880 prepares for Field Training

LEXINGTON, Va. Feb. 23, 2024 — Thirty Det 880 3rd Class cadets prepare for their upcoming summer at Maxwell Air Force Base for the 3-week Field Training program.  Detachment 880 prepares for Field Training

Field Training entails a rigorous boot-camp-style program focusing on weapons training, survival techniques, deployment skills, aircraft indoctrination, and physical conditioning. It emphasizes the development of followership, teamwork, and leadership skills.

The initial two years of an Air Force cadet's journey are dedicated to preparing for Field Training.  When asked what he hoped to achieve, one cadet stated, "knowledge that prepares me for the big Air Force and the ability to effectively manage stress and others.”

“I’ve been in this program for a short period, but I have learned a plethora of Air Force knowledge,” Raj Singh '25 said.

Cadet Joshua Vissicchio '25
Air Force ROTC Detachment 880

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