Brown Part of With Good Reason Segment

LEXINGTON, Va., April 7, 2023—Lt. Col. Julie Phillips Brown, associate professor in the Department of English, Rhetoric, and Humanistic Studies at Virginia Military Institute, will discuss themes of biology, mythology, and motherhood in her poetry on the public radio program, With Good Reason, April 8 - 14. Brown’s first book of poems, “The Adjacent Possible” (Green Writers Press, 2021), won the Hopper Poetry Prize. In addition to Brown, the upcoming show, “Writing Through,” will feature Ivan Rodden from Christopher Newport University, Caseyrenée Lopez from John Tyler Community College, and Louis Gallo from Radford University. The episode will highlight how imaginative writing can portray the human experience through a variety of personal and cultural lenses. With Good Reason is sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. Local broadcast times, as well as audio files of full programs and companion news features, are available on the With Good Reason website.

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