Driving and Parking on Post - Nov. 20 - Dec. 2

The 15-mph speed limit throughout post will be strictly enforced.

Sign up for text alerts to receive information concerning emergencies, weather, traffic, and parking during this period. Text the word “Keydet” to 772-95.

LEXINGTON, Va., Nov. 20, 2019 – Streets on post will be open, though traffic could be blocked at times for very brief periods, and in some places traffic lanes will be reduced due to construction activities. 

Major construction activities are occurring for the new police headquarters at Limits Gates, for renovations for Preston Library, and for the addition to Scott Shipp Hall, as well as smaller projects throughout post. Please exercise caution while driving on post, especially in areas where traffic lanes have been compressed. Extreme caution should be exercised while driving on Letcher Avenue from Jackson Memorial Hall past Crozet Hall due to construction at Scott Shipp Hall. Sidewalk areas may also be closed near Smith Hall and Marshall Hall.

The pedestrian access stairs allowing cadets, faculty, staff, and visitors access from barracks to North Post will be closed and replaced, though one of the stairs will be open on a rotating basis throughout the project.

For all post events, parking is not authorized on Anderson Drive or Woods Creek gravel access road. Only emergency vehicles are permitted to park at these locations.

For all indoor events, as well as football games, the clear bag policy will be enforced. Visitors to post are discouraged from bringing pets.

Here’s a look at traffic patterns and parking in the coming weeks: 

-- Nov. 20 (Wednesday)

   – Men’s basketball game against Christendom in Cameron Hall at 7 p.m.

-- Nov. 21 (Thursday)

   – Ring Figure activities begin. Visit vmi.edu/cadet-life/events-and-traditions/ring-figure for more information.

-- Nov. 22 (Friday)

   – From 10:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., North Post will be closed to vehicular traffic from Jordan’s Point to the Marshall Hall parking lot.  Please enter the VMI Post via Letcher Avenue during this period. The Corps of Cadets will be conducting physical training throughout the North Post area, including on roadways.  Residents of Anderson Drive may access their homes, but should also exercise caution.

   – Ring Figure activities will be happening throughout the day. Overflow parking will be at Lowe's with shuttle service to VMI. The clear-bag policy will be enforced for the Ring Presentation. Visit vmi.edu/cadet-life/events-and-traditions/ring-figure for more information. 

- Nov. 23 (Saturday)

   – Due to the weather, there will be no tailgating or general parking on the Parade Ground. Other tailgating space may be limited due to construction. Also, several parking lots will be reserved for cadets returning from Ring Figure events. Additional parking is located at Rockbridge County High School with shuttle service to VMI beginning at 8 a.m. No tailgating is permitted at RCHS. Pets are not recommended for gameday activities. See www.vmi.edu/gameday.

   – The football team plays University of Tennessee Chattanooga, kick off at 1 p.m.

   – All cadets leaving post for Thanksgiving Furlough after the football game on Saturday should go to a vehicle on the Parade Ground or at another parking lot on post. To minimize traffic concerns, pick-ups will not be allowed in front of barracks.

   – Preston Library will be closed Saturday, Nov. 23 – Dec. 2 due to renovation work and Thanksgiving.

- Nov. 24 (Sunday)

   – Barracks close at noon for Thanksgiving furlough.  Cadets may choose to load their vehicles or get picked up Sunday morning to avoid Saturday’s heavy traffic.

-- Nov. 26 (Tuesday)

   – Men’s basketball game against Goucher in Cameron Hall at 7 p.m.

- Dec. 2 (Monday)

   – Anderson Drive will be closed through August from the bridge near Gray-Minor Stadium to the Marshall Hall parking lot.

   – Cadets return and the Preston Library reopens. 




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