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Matt Jarman, assistant professor of psychology, and Holly Richardson, professor of physical education, discuss the impact of meditation and mindfulness on managing stress, increasing productivity, and improving health.
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Mindfulness has found applications in the workplace, in medicine, and in the military over recent years as leaders across disciplines recognize the benefits of practicing awareness in the present moment.

Dr. Matt Jarman and Dr. Holly Richardson are bringing mindfulness to VMI in new ways. Together, they are leading lunchtime meditation sessions for VMI faculty and staff. Matt is making mindfulness a focal point in the Modern Warriorship class he is preparing to teach next semester, and Holly is teaching its benefits in the physical education department’s classes on health and wellness.

Dr. Holly Richardson is a professor of physical education who specializes in exercise physiology. She is pursuing a teacher certification in mind-body stress reduction from the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Dr. Matt Jarman is a psychology professor who teaches about leadership and related topics, such as mental fitness.  His primary area of research is on the social effects of meditation in domains such as problem solving, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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