An Uncommon Purpose Has Two Weeks to Go

An image showing sabres stacked with camouflage in the background.

The campaign had raised $323.6 million from 15,244 alumni and friends as of the end of May.

LEXINGTON, Va., June 15, 2017 – With just two weeks left to go for An Uncommon Purpose: A Glorious Past, A Brilliant Future: The Campaign for VMI, its chairman, Donald M. Wilkinson ’61, announced the latest fundraising figures.

“The Institute is important to the country because it educates young people to be the citizen-soldiers –imbued with honor, discipline, and an ethos of service – that the United States always has and always will need,” Wilkinson said. "The purpose of the campaign is to ensure the Institute has the resources necessary to continue its consequential mission.

"Therefore, I am pleased to report that, as of the end of May, 15,244 alumni and friends have made gifts and commitments to the campaign totaling $323.6 million."

The campaign began its public phase at the Institute Society Dinner on Founders Day 2014 – the 175th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute – and is continuing the effort through June 30. 

“If you believe that the Institute is important to our country, but you haven’t participated in An Uncommon Purpose, the time is now to join this effort,” Wilkinson continued. “When you do so, you’ll be doing something important for VMI – and our country.”

Information about the campaign and how to join it can be found at the campaign’s website


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