New Corps Leadership Takes the Stage

LEXINGTON, Va., March 6, 2024—In an evening event held in Memorial Hall, VMI has announced ranks for the 185th Regiment of the Institute. The following members of the Class of 2025 will take change of the Corps for the 2024-25 academic year:

Regimental Staff

Regimental Commander (RCO) - Brian M. Pritchard
Regimental Executive Officer (XO) - Justice J. Rozic
Chief of Staff - Carter H. Wasser

S1 - Hannah J. Thompson
S2 - Elena C. Gutierrez
S3 - Laini E. Morgan
S4 - Timothy F. Krone
S5 - Zachary T. Poche
S6 - Jonathan M. Burkett
S7 - Caleb R. Fender
S9 - Wyatt G. Brown

New leadership of the VMI Corps of Cadets pose for a photo in Memorial Hall at the military college after rank announcements.

1st Battalion

2nd Battalion

3rd Battalion

Commander (CO) - Rachel J. Roberson 
Executive Officer (XO) - William J. Roberts 

S1 - Kenna J. McAllister 
S2 - Brooks D. Freeman 
S3 - Thomas R.L. Schultz 
S4 - Conor Q. McGovern 
S5 - Noah J. Ahrens 
S6 - Richard Z. Edwards 
S7 - Matthew G. Solomon 
S9 - Timothy L. Mackey

Commander (CO) - Nicholas G. Hemstreet 
Executive Officer (XO) - Gabriella J. Amos 

S1 - Anna Yemelianova 
S2 - Alexa C. Avery 
S3 - Colby B. Evans 
S4 - Frederick A. Riemann III
S5 - William M. Houck 
S6 - Raj K. Singh 
S7 - Patrick D. Kiernan 
S9 - Aaron M. Jones 

Commander (CO) - Melina K. Bulger 
Executive Officer (XO) - Derick B. Gyimah 

S1 - Benjamin R. Lovingood 
S2 - Johan J. Hernandez 
S3 - Gavin O. Cooper 
S4 - Whitney A. Tracy 
S5 - Simon T. Bucknor 
S6 - Delilah M. Martindale 
S7 - Kyle P. Hayes 
S9 - Isabella C. Bruzonic 


Chief- Carleigh N. Price
Deputy Chief - Riley K. Malone
Operations - Alexis K. Gonzalez
Training - Alex G. Mayton
Supply/Logistics - Mikhail V. Tulupov


Company A

Company B

Company C

CO - Connor D.  Cherry 
XO - Owen C. Herbert 
1st PL- Riley T. Alfonso 
2nd PL - Alexandra E. Schwartz 
3rd PL - Kenneth C. Bristow 
4th PL - Michael T. Annesi 
CO - Tristen J. Stower 
XO - Gibson J. Maul 
1st PL - Mason A. Stewart 
2nd PL - McKenna J. Shrout 
3rd PL - Matthew J. Jeffers 
4th PL - Christian M. Walker 
CO - Cate F. Dowden 
XO - Thomas G. Langston 
1st PL - Kevin J. Dougherty 
2nd PL - John I. Evans 
3rd PL - Owen S. McCaffery 
4th PL - Justin E. Collins 


Company D

Company E

Company F

CO - Coy J. Mattson 
XO - Spencer D. Tate 
1st PL- Courtney D. Smith 
2nd PL - Bailey A. Shafer 
3rd PL - Vincent L. Cyrus 
4th PL - Andrew L. Miller 
CO - Jonah M. Jurack 
XO - Ethan C. Webster 
1st PL- Richard D. Fuller 
2nd PL - Alexander D. Haley 
3rd PL - Assem A. Chew 
4th PL - Evan M. Klabinde 
CO - Aaron T. Metz 
XO - Cameron J. Dabu 
1st PL - Turner J. Gallo 
2nd PL - Daniel J. Tulloss 
3rd PL - James A. Manning 
4th PL - Nicholas A. Sitzman 


Company G

Company H

Company I

CO - Caroline M. Lassalle 
XO - Samuel L. Chopper 
1st PL- Earl B. Filgo 
2nd PL - Cameron R.J. West 
3rd PL - Bin-Mohammad Khan 
4th PL - John L. Chesson 
CO - Andrew C. Wright 
XO - Joshua E. Addis 
1st PL - Austin C. Powell 
2nd PL - David C. Newman 
3rd PL - Chun-Hao Liu 
4th PL - Brandon C. Williams 
CO - Elijah G. Alberti 
XO - Kevin C. Garroway 
1st PL - Morgan D.A. Burd 
2nd PL - Matthew W. Rumsey 
3rd PL - Athelia O. Long 
4th PL - Michael B. London 


Band Company

CO - John F. Kennedy 
XO - Stephen P. Huelskamp II
1st PL - Isabelle I. Cabales 
2nd PL - Brooxs B. Weatherly 
3rd PL - Benjamin J. Bierstine 
4th PL - James R. Boe 

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