Spring 2021: Return to Post

Return to Post and COVID Testing

Cadets will return to post in a phased approach from 12 January through 19 January. During this time, all cadets will return to post via the Jordans Point entrance and be tested upon arrival to limit the spread of COVID-19 among the Corps. The rapid antigen test will be used. Carpooling is strongly discouraged for the return to post. 

If a cadet tested positive for COVID on 20 October or later through an off-post test, please email a copy of your results to infirmary@vmi.edu as soon as possible, no later than 6 January. No additional testing will be required. Cadets who tested positive on 20 October or later at the VMI infirmary do not need to provide test results. 

As cadets prepare for their return, please take the following actions:

  1. Self-quarantine 14 days before your scheduled return date.
  2. Complete the LiveSafe app daily. This is a way to ensure you are paying close attention to your health on a daily basis.     
  3. Review all emails from Commandant’s staff regarding return sign-ups and other guidance
  4. Bring gray masks provided by VMI, as well extra masks to use. Masks must be solid gray, with no logos, designs, or vents. 

Cadets who test negative upon arrival will be directed to barracks for sign in. Cadets who test positive will be directed to isolation, and be provided with all support needed to ensure a successful start to spring semester. 

Parents and other guests will not be permitted to enter barracks during drop off. The bookstore will only be open to cadets to prepare for class during this time. The PX will be closed. The Marshall Hall parking lot will be closed 12 January through 19 January to accommodate the testing process. Any cadets reporting outside their assigned times due to unforeseen circumstances should contact the Commandant’s staff for instructions.

Specific details regarding return to post and the testing process can be found in the FRAGO #4 (Spring 2021 Reception and Testing Plan) to OPLAN [updated Jan. 11, 2021]. Once you have reviewed this document, any further questions can be sent to Col. Jay Williams at EmergencyManager@vmi.edu

Updated Spring 2021 Critical Dates & Events

Return to Post (FRAGO #4)

Graphic with VMI logo and text: To receive important information concerning emergencies, weather, traffic, and parking:  Text the word Phase I - 12 Jan: Designated Regimental Staff, cadet Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), support personnel (cadets) and guard team return.

Phase II - 13-14 Jan: Designated athletic teams return.

Phase III - 17-19 Jan: Corps of Cadets returns

  • 17 Jan: Designated Company Cadre, Rats, and cadets being re-admitted
  • 18 Jan: 1st Class, Battalion & Regimental Staffs, and Band Company
  • 19 Jan: 2nd and 3rd Classes

Phase IV - 21 Jan: Start of the Academic Program

Graphic with VMI logo and text: Welcome back for Spring 2021. To receive important information concerning emergencies, weather, traffic, and parking:  Text the word


Please note: Original OPLAN and FRAGO documents, as well as procedures and protocols from Fall 2020 are still available for review and download.

COVID-19 Information

Line icon of COVID-19 molecule and warning signThe VMI Pandemic Task Force and Institute leadership continue to monitor the latest information regarding the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been implemented across all aspects of cadet life, and leadership has identified key areas for social distancing enforcement to maintain safety throughout the course of physical training and activities required of all cadets. Full details regarding COVID-19 protocols, as well as case status, are located on the COVID-19 Info Portal.


Line icon of male wearing face mask

Wear Face Coverings

Line icon of washing hands under a running faucet

Wash Hands Frequently

Line icon of two individuals maintaining social distance

Maintain Social Distancing

Line icon of digital thermometer scan of forehead

Monitor Your Health

Cadets, faculty, and staff are all expected to utilize the LiveSafe Daily Health Check app each day to track and report symptoms prior to arriving on post or attending events.

Note: For questions or more information, contact coronavirus@vmi.edu.



Post & Building Access

To ensure the health and well-being of cadets, faculty and staff, and visitors to VMI and in keeping with state and CDC recommended protocols, the Institute has implemented policies for accessing post and the buildings therein. All post buildings will remain closed to the general public in order to prioritize cadet access while following social distancing guidelines. Tailgating on post is not authorized until further notice.

Access by the public to post buildings is by appointment only. Visitors should contact the VMI faculty or staff member with whom they have an appointment to gain access to a building. Any member of the community accessing buildings is required to follow VMI COVID-19 protocols which include social distancing and face coverings at all times while inside VMI buildings.



For Cadets

Cadet life continues to undergo a wide range of adjustments to schedule and location. Up-to-date, detailed information is available for all VMI cadets in the VMI Portal. Adjustments include, but are not limited to:

Line icon depicting socially distant students watching online instruction

Registration for Spring 2021 will take place Jan. 19-20. 64% of classes this semester are planned to be offered in-person. Past information about courses and instruction through Nov. 20, 2020 can be found in the Fall 2020 Parent Academic Letter from Brigadier General Robert W. Moreschi, Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty.

Line icon of user with another user on laptop screen

 All VMI Support Services continue to offer only digital sessions for cadets.

Cadets are encouraged to contact individual offices for specific guidelines and offerings. This includes services where parents and other stakeholders would need to be involved in meetings.

Line icon of user with laptop in house

Tthe wearing of masks outside of assigned rooms, restricted visiting of other cadet rooms, elimination of large stoop gatherings, controlled lavatory and shower access, as well as frequent cleaning and sanitization of those same areas will be required. Increased noise restrictions will be in effect during the day to facilitate academic study due to the shortage of classroom space caused by social distancing. Stairwells in barracks will be designated as “up” or “down” stairwells. Also, cadets will not sleep head to head. Various levels of cadet leadership will ensure these new practices are maintained.

Line icon of banana, apple, and menu.

Crozet Hall will no longer offer self-serve / buffet- style dining. Six serving lines have been created where Parkhurst Dining staff will serve cadets. Individually wrapped packages of disposable utensils and cups will be provided, along with individual condiments, milk, and juice. No refillable containers will be permitted, but as always, we encourage all cadets to come back for seconds. Tables and chairs have been spaced further apart and seating location availability will be adjusted to reduce the number of cadets in the hall at a time. Face coverings are to be used at all times except when eating. A grab-and-go lunch option will be available.

Line icon of person on pull-up bar

Physical Education courses and ROTC physical activities will be modified in terms of scheduling, number of cadets participating at any one time, and location. Access to weight rooms, training facilities, and fields may be adjusted on a daily basis to allow for proper cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing. Physical training will be conducted outdoors when possible. Temperature and symptom checks will be implemented during VMI and ROTC training sessions.

Line icon of training plan and stopwatch

Cadets will be notified by coaches and leadership regarding any changes in location, time, or format of practices, training, and competitions. Up-to-date information regarding competitions can be found by visiting the VMI Athletics website: https://vmikeydets.com/. Activity locations and schedules for all extracurricular activities will be adjusted to comply with social distancing requirements and Institute directives. 


Important Updated Spring 2021 Dates

*All dates subject to change

Date(s)Name of Event
Jan. 19-20, 2021 Registration
Jan. 21, 2021 Classes Begin
Jan. 28, 2021 Last day for curriculum and course change
Feb. 16, 2021 No Classes
Mar. 24, 2021 No Classes
Mar. 26, 2021 Wednesday classes meet on Friday
Apr. 1, 2021 Tuesday classes meet on Thursday
Apr. 9(CAD)-13, 2021 Spring FTX - No Classes Monday (12th) or Tuesday (13th)
May 4, 2021 Classes End
May 5, 2021 Reading Day
May 6-11, 2021 Exams
May 14, 2021 Institute Awards Ceremony (Tentative)
May 14, 2021 Graduation Parade (Tentative)
May 14, 2021 Baccalaureate (Tentative)
May 15, 2021 Commissioning Ceremony (Tentative)
May 15, 2021 VMI Memorial Parade (Tentative)
May 16, 2021 Commencement (Tentative)

For Employees

The Office of Human Resources is the main point of contact for all potential exposure notifications and questions regarding return to post for all VMI employees. 

Line icon showing checklist on a clipboard

To uphold health and safety measures and limit risks, the physical Human Resources Office will remain closed, except for specific services outlined in the full plan, and will limit traffic by implementing appointment-only measures for other services needed by faculty, staff, or cadets. If any employee feels that he or she is in one of the identified high-risk categories, the Human Resources director will work with the employee to take particular care to reduce their risk of exposure while making sure they are able to perform their job duties, and that VMI complies with relevant laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination Employment Act.

All VMI employees will continue to follow plans and protocols while on post:

  • All state employees will be asked to continually monitor their health for signs of COVID-19 symptoms. They should immediately report to their health care provider if symptoms manifest themselves.

Job-specific and location-specific information will be disseminated by individual supervisors. Support services, Preston Library, and other locations where employees normally interact with cadets face-to-face will have individual and specific precautionary measures put in place such as moving meetings and appointments online, installing plexiglass barriers, and limiting or eliminating seating areas.

Line icon of identification badgeFaculty, staff, and all employees are expected to maintain social distance and wear face coverings when in public or communal spaces. In most cases, building access will be restricted by badge access, so it is imperative that all employees keep their VMI ID on at all times and contact Human Resources with any new badge or lost badge requests.


For Parents & Families

Line icon of a calendar with bell icon representing announcement

Parents and families are encouraged to bookmark this page, connect with the Parents Council, and follow VMI's official Facebook page for timely updates and the event decisions, which will be posted in the table below.

Our mission remains the same, to educate young men and women and to mold them into honorable citizen-soldiers needed by the military, private enterprise, the commonwealth, and the nation. To accomplish this in a COVID-19 environment, we have made modifications to the delivery of the academic program while creating an environment in compliance with evolving public health guidance.


For the Community

Line icon of user and text bubble on mobile phone

At this time, VMI buildings and facilities on post are closed to the general public to allow for maximum social distancing. Please refer to Post & Building Access above for more specifics regarding events and appointments.

Off-site museums will follow their own protocols in regards to opening hours, capacity, etc. Please visit each museum's webpage for specific details. Athletic competitions and other events will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The Institute calendar will have the most up-to-date information for the public regarding all athletic events. 

VMI Facility Status

Cocke Hall CLOSED to the General Public
Corps Physical Training Facility CLOSED to the General Public
Cormack Hall CLOSED to the General Public
George C. Marshall Museum UPDATE: The George C. Marshall Museum is currently closed.
Preston Library CLOSED to the General Public
Stonewall Jackson House UPDATE: The Stonewall Jackson House Museum will repoen on March 1, 2021
VMI Museum CLOSED to the General Public
Virginia Museum of the Civil War UPDATE: Open seven days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

VMI Event Cancellations & Status Updates

Name of EventDate(s)Sponsor
New Market 2021 Reenactment - CANCELLED May 2021 Virginia Museum of the Civil War


Previous communications, schedules, and notices are available.