Constitutionally Protected Speech

VMI is committed to free speech and expression and to the use of its facilities and spaces to enhance the cultural experience of its cadets, employees, and members of the local community.

VMI has established reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions and rules for events on post concerning constitutionally protected speech. This policy will be applied and enforced in a view point-neutral manner.

  • VMI’s policy concerning constitutionally protected speech and the process to report incidents of disruption of such constitutionally protected speech can be found in General Order 72
  • All employees of VMI, including those responsible for the discipline or education of enrolled cadets, have been notified that they are expected to review this policy.
  • No complaints have been filed in a court of law in the preceding year against the Institute or an Institute employee in his official capacity for an alleged violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Report submitted to DLAS for Compliance with § 23.1-401.1

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