History Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The history curriculum is designed to produce men and women educated in the responsibilities of citizenship. It prepares cadets for graduate schools of history or government, and for occupations in which the ability to understand backgrounds, grasp issues, and manage affairs is essential, e.g., law, business, politics, government service, and the armed forces.

The cadet majoring in history receives, first of all, training in the natural sciences, mathematics, and the English language as an instrument of written and oral communication. Additionally the cadet learns a foreign language. History courses cover the principal fields of modern European, Middle Eastern, South and East Asian, Latin American, African, and American history. Rather than merely cataloguing events of the past, these courses emphasize an understanding of developments and problems, and they give attention to social, economic, and cultural phenomena, as well as political and constitutional problems.

Degree Requirements & Year-by-Year Course Planning

Honors in History

The Honors Program in History is open to majors who have demonstrated excellence in the study of history. History majors seeking honors in history must have completed the departmental core curriculum courses of HI 103, HI 104, HI 205 or 205W, and HI 206 or 206W. The honors sequence consists of HI 372, HI 491W, and HI 492W.


A military history concentration is available to history majors. They must complete twelve hours of military history electives. Cadets must also meet all other requirements such as regional distributions.


A history minor is available to cadets majoring in other curricula. The requirements for a minor are HI 103, HI 104, HI 205 or HI 205W and HI 206, all with a grade of C or better, and twelve additional hours of history electives to total twenty-four hours of history.   

A Middle Eastern Studies minor is designed to give cadets a broad introduction from different disciplinary perspectives to the history and culture of one of the most important regions of the world.  Study abroad is strongly encouraged, as is Arabic language study.

A Military History minor is available to cadets majoring in other curricula.  The requirement for the military history minor are HI 103HI 104HI 205 or HI 205W and HI 206 all with a grade of C or better, and twelve additional hours of military history electives to total twenty four hours of history.




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