The history curriculum prepares cadets for careers in law, business, politics, government service, and the armed forces. With proper electives, the curriculum also meets the requirements for admission to law schools and graduate programs in business administration and management, and history.

History majors receive training in the natural sciences, mathematics, literature, and foreign language. History courses emphasize an understanding of developments and problems, and give attention to social, economic, cultural, political and constitutional problems. 

A concentration in military history is available.

Opportunities for Graduate Study in History as Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces
History majors commissioning in the armed forces have several options for postgraduate education.  The Army will send junior officers on active duty (usually captains) to graduate school in history in preparation for a tour as instructors at the Military Academy; the Air Force has a similar program. 

Reserve officers in any branch can attend graduate school full time while drilling as a member of a reserve unit.  The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps have commissioning programs in conjunction with attendance at law school; cadets should consult service recruiters for details.