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Sponsored Programs

Support is available to VMI faculty for research, instructional, developmental, or service projects. The Office of Sponsored Programs is available to help faculty develop scholarly and creative interests and to encourage a climate in which cadets are actively engaged in the pursuit of new knowledge.

The OSP works with faculty in investigating funding opportunities, developing project ideas, constructing budgets, reviewing and critiquing proposals, preparing submissions, negotiating grants and contracts, and reporting the results of their work, and providing grants training. The office also helps with compliance questions, and project monitoring requirements for animal care and use; human subjects in research; and research ethics. 

The OSP reviews and approves all proposals, especially if they:

  • involve the use of the resources of the Institute (including personnel, offices, and equipment); and/or
  • provide compensation in the form of release time or extra service pay; and/or
  • require in-kind contributions; and/or
  • are to be administered by the Institute as a condition of the proposed grant.

Research Proposal Form and Sponsored Programs Policy 
Record of Invention
General Order 14 

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is generally considered to include but is not limited to, inventions, patents, copyrighted works, and know-how or trade secrets. This policy governs intellectual property developed by Institute Members, such as the faculty, staff, and cadets.

Intellectual property produced by Institute Members must be disclosed using a record of invention form, in accordance with the form instructions. A disclosure verification form must also be completed.

Record of Invention
Disclosure Verification
Disclosure Verification 2   
Intellectual Property Policy - General Order 14 


Captain Michael J. Sebastino, Associate Dean
210 Smith Hall 


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