Summer Transition

The VMI Summer Transition Program (STP) is designed to improve the academic and physical fitness of incoming cadets. All individuals who have committed to matriculate at VMI in August are invited to the STP; attendance is voluntary.

Each summer, about one-half of the incoming class elect to participate in the Summer Transition Program. Matriculating students take one class and get to know the VMI post. It is held during the last four weeks of the second term of the VMI Summer Session and, like the summer session, operates in a civilian environment; there is no military training during the STP. The STP should not be confused with the rigors of the first year at VMI. Participants of the STP do not become cadets (Rats) until they matriculate in August. All participants are required to live in the barracks and eat in the mess hall.

STP participants participate in physical training. This training can help prepare the matriculating student for the physical fitness regimen, but it is highly recommended that a student arrives prepared for the VMI experience. Participants are issued their footwear during STP. There is an advantage to breaking-in your boots prior to running three miles in them on a regular basis. Casual clothing is worn with the footwear.

If you are in need of academic accommodations, please notify the Office of Disabilities Services before you arrive for STP. Go to Office of Disabilities Services.