Reservation and Medical Requirements

When an applicant receives a conditional appointment, they also receive instructions on establishing their Post View account. Post View (VMI's internal user system) is used for the final steps of the VMI admissions process.

It is important to begin completing the final steps as soon as possible after receiving your conditional appointment.

Be sure to apply for financial aid and read up on the recent updates to the FAFSA. For in-state tuition, you must complete the application for Virginia in-state tuition rates and submit it to Admissions.


1. Reserve Your Place at VMI:

Reservation forms should be submitted to VMI Admissions through the secure Box upload portal. Please direct any questions regarding these forms to

Reservation Checklist

2. Submit Required Medical Forms for Medical Decision:

In addition to Post View, conditionally appointed applicants will need to establish their Medicat Portal account. Medicat is the VMI Infirmary’s secure portal for all matriculant and current cadet medical records. The Medicat Portal is used throughout a cadet’s time at VMI when interacting with the VMI Infirmary

All required medical forms should be uploaded through and/or completed in the VMI Infirmary's Medicat Portal. Please read through the instructions for medical requirements before getting started. Any questions regarding these forms or their content should be directed to the Infirmary.

Medical Forms that need to be completed by Health Care Provider:

  • Physical Examination Form
    • Blood pressure and pulse MUST be recorded
    • Physical MUST be performed within six (6) months prior to submission of this form
    • Health care provider's signature required 
  • Body Fat Measurement Form
  • Immunization Record
    • Immunizations MUST be recorded on VMI form
    • Tdap MUST be within last 10 years
    • COVID Vaccines are highly recommended
    • Health care provider signature required 
  • Medical Release Form
    • Every signature required:
      • Conditionally appointed applicant
      • Parent/Guardian (even if applicant is over 18)
      • Health care provider  

Medical Forms Completed by Conditionally Appointed Applicant:

  • Online VMI Health History
    • Complete within Medicat Portal; not a paper form
    • Follow instructions from page 2 under IN THE MEDICAT PORTAL section
  • Cadet Health Insurance Form
    • Parent/Guardian signature required (even if applicant is over 18)
    • Copy (or photos) of the front and back of current health insurance card required as well - Upload with completed form 

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