Our Graduates

A man standing in front of a building

Compassionate Advocate

Every day when he arrives to work, Mac Bowman ’73, M.D., is “excited by the possibilities.” His enthusiasm for his life’s calling is just as strong now as it was when he began practicing medicine.

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Loyal Friend

Rachel Kroner ’17 followed a different path than most college graduates. She was living on a $100-a-month stipend and spent her days teaching refugees how to access health care in Cleveland, Ohio.

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A man sitting in Army uniform

Tireless Soldier

After five years in the U.S. Army, and nearing the end of his term of service, Andrew Holt ’07 knew that he wanted to continue serving in the Army, but not in his current position. His sights were set on his passion – scientific research.

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Courageous Leader

Jennifer Carroll Foy '03 was challenged by her high school classmates on whether she could graduate from VMI, and she did. She went on to become a magistrate judge, public defender, and now a representative in the Virginia House of Delegates.

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A woman with nurse uniform

Inspired Scholar

Growing up with both parents in the science field, Chelsea Kosecki ’09 always had a unique interest in medicine, but she had no idea where that curiosity would take her.

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Dedicated Patriot

Sean Matson ’05, a former Navy SEAL, is looking to change up the typical "morning coffee routine" with his new energy supplement company.

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