In-Field Scenarios Crucial Component of Training

AFROTC cadets at paintball course from Fall FTX 2021

During the Fall 2021 Field Training Exercise (FTX), sophomore cadets from Detachment 880 went to Stonewall Paintball in nearby Glasgow, VA to perform some in-field scenarios to test their abilities to lead and follow under stressful situations. Each scenario had different objectives, and each flight of personnel was assigned with their respective deputy flight commanders in charge of evaluating them.

Each scenario was designed to test cadets as closely as possible to the graded criteria they will see at field training. The same evaluation form was used to grade scenario commanders on eight sections (planning, flexibility, decision making, accountability, communication, mission focus, warrior ethos and debrief). Each scenario lasted for about 30 minutes and was always followed by a five minute debrief session.

After each scenario, the cadet leading the scenario was evaluated on delivery of the debrief session with their team. This experience allowed the cadets to know more about their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and to be exposed to some graded aspects they will encounter at field training next summer!

Collage of AFROTC cadets at paintball during Fall FTX 2021 

Cadet Fatoumata Lamarana Diallo '23
Air Force ROTC Detachment 880

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