Recent Success for Members of Running Club

LEXINGTON, Va., November 15, 2021—Cadets part of the running club at VMI have found much success at recent races in southwest Virginia. Club members ran in both the Chessie Nature Trail races and Harvest Hustle races, with many cadets running personal best times.

In the Chessie Nature Trail races, both full marathon runners finished in the top 4. In the Harvest Hustle races held in Covington, cadets won both the men’s and women’s marathon, placed second in the 5K, and placed third in both the 10K and half marathon.

“The Chessie Half Marathon was a great opportunity to race on familiar ground against local runners and introduce some new club members to competitive running,” Thomas Wiltshire ’22 said. “The Covington race was the following weekend, and the team took the strategy and pacing lessons learned from the Chessie Half Marathon to result in [high placements].”

Cadets also ran in the Richmond marathon and 8K, with a cadet placing 3rd in the 8K.

Members of the VMI Running Club at events

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