Community Notification - VMI cadets will be participating in Spring Field Training Exercises (Spring FTX) Friday, March 31 through Tuesday, April 4. Trainings will occur throughout Rockbridge County, including the Goshen Boy Scout Camp, the Chessie Nature Trail, and on/around VMI post. There may be traffic delays in the area. Weapons training may also be heard.

VMI Cadets Train with Shaolin Kung Fu Master

LEXINGTON, Va. March 9, 2023 — Virginia Military Institute welcomed kung fu master Heng Yue and his students from the Shaolin Temple Culture Center in Herndon Sunday, March 5 in Marshall Hall.

The martial arts group demonstrated kung fu moves and techniques with traditional martial arts weapons including the sword, staff, cane, and whip in Gillis Theater.

Following the demonstration, the master led an interactive workshop in the Hall of Valor.

Participants, including cadets, alumni, and community members, learned the basic moves of Shaolin kung fu, a distinct form of Chinese martial arts.        

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