Army National Guard

Benefits for Guardsmen

The Virginia Army National Guard is a community based part-time organization funded by State and Federal governments. The Guard stands ready to help in the event of state or local emergencies, as well as having the ability to defend America against foreign aggressors. For many young men and women, the Guard can be a very rewarding experience. It offers personal development, travel and the opportunity to "put something back" into our local communities and the state of Virginia. The Guard is also very financially rewarding. While attending college, the Guard pays students $288 per month through the new GI Bill. Combined with a monthly paycheck, Guardsmen receive over $380 per month for only two days of work. This money goes directly to the student to use as he or she desires. Now, Guardsmen can also receive up to 100% of their college tuition paid at State supported colleges (up to $4,500 at private colleges). See your local representatives for details.

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

The ROTC-SMP allows you to be a full-time college student working toward an academic degree and participating in both the Army National Guard and the ROTC program. An Officer Cadet in the SMP will be paid at the grade of Sergeant (E-5) and earn more than $250 a month for drill pay during the school year while training one weekend a month with the Army National Guard. Also, you can earn $350 stipend per month as a sophomore, $400 per month as a junior, and $500 as a senior in the Advanced ROTC course. Gain tuition assistance and great leadership skills through this program.


3-year and 2-year National Guard Scholarships are available through the Army ROTC department. The scholarship pays full tuition and fees, most books, plus a monthly living allowance. Eligible Army ROTC cadets can apply for these scholarships during January of their freshmen and sophomore years.

For more information, please contact:

Sergeant First Class Donald Arbaugh
Phone: (540) 464-7189

Mr. Thomas Atkinson
Phone: (540) 464-7680

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