Faculty Information

Logging in to your evaluations

  1. Access your course evaluations (in EvaluationKIT) through Canvas
  2. Log into Canvas using your VMI login and password. (ex. SmithJD and your Canvas/Email Password)
  3. On the left, select Account
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select Instructor Course Evaluations

Courses Not Evaluated

Courses with an enrollment of less than 4 cadets will not be evaluated.  ROTC courses are evaluated separately by ROTC instructors and are not included in EvaluationKit.

Monitoring Response Rates

Instructors may monitor the percentage of cadets who completed the course evaluations, but they cannot identify which cadets have completed their evaluations.

Within the EvaluationKIT banner click on Results:

  1. Select Response Rate Tracker
  2. Enter the Name of the term ex. FL21
  3. The status should be In-Progress (or Ended, if the course evaluations are closed)
  4. Select choice for Course Evaluation
  5. Press Search
  6. The Response Rates box should appear
  7. The course name and the response rate should be visible

Report Availability

Current term reports/results will not be available until all grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Accessing Reports

Within the EvaluationKIT banner click on Results

  1. Select Project Results
  2. Double click on the term ex. FL21 or click on View
  3. You can select which version of the report you would like to download
    1. Detailed Report
    2. Detailed Report + Comments
    3. Short Report
    4. Short Report + Comments
    5. Raw Data

Who can I contact if I have trouble logging into EvaluationKIT?

You may contact Donna Young, Office Manager, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, via email at youngdh@vmi.edu with any questions.