Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable in part only upon official notice of withdrawal to the Commandant. VMI shall make full refunds, less $1,000, for withdrawals prior to the first day of classes. On or after the first day of classes, VMI shall prorate the refund through the fifth week. VMI shall not make any refunds after the fifth week of classes.

Charge Schedules:

Cadets receiving Title IV financial aid will receive a refund in accordance with applicable federal law.

All refunds are made payable to the cadet and sent to the cadet's address of record, with the exception of refunds for Title IV PLUS Loans which are made to the borrower.

Overpayments will be processed automatically after the first five weeks of class. They will be made payable to the cadet and sent to the address of record.

Exceptions to the refund policy are made only in extraordinary circumstances. Appeals for exception will be considered by the Tuition Appeal Committee upon written request to the Director of Finance and Budget, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia 24450.

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