Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is the application of mathematical methods by different fields, such as science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. Thus, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge.

Studying Applied Mathematics at VMI provides a foundation for careers in operations research, statistics, or computational mathematics found in military, government, and private business and industry sectors.

There are numerous opportunities for applied math majors to gain hands-on experience including, the Applied & Industrial Mathematics (AIM) program and internships with agencies including the Center for Army Analysis, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs, MIT Lincoln Labs, and NASA.

Degrees and Programs

Major(s): Applied Mathematics

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


The cadet who majors in applied mathematics obtains a sound basic education required for a career in the fields of Operations Research, statistics, or computational mathematics. Our approach emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, extensive use of technology, and modeling of real world problems. A variety of positions in the military, government, industry, and business are available to a graduate with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

Applied Mathematices in the News

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Aidan Carman ’27 and Col. John David evaluate their research data. –VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Math Major Reveals Predictors for Retention and Graduation Rates

Working alongside the VMI admissions and financial aid offices, Aidan Carman ’27, an applied mathematics major, sought to determine what factors ultimately decide the likelihood a cadet will graduate, the likelihood a cadet will graduate in a particular major, the retention rate of cadets, and more.

Jonathan Tumwikirize ’24

From VMI to Pioneering Defense Technologies at DEVCOM: Jonathan Tumwikirize '24

Jonathan Tumwikirize ’24 wanted to gain firsthand experience in a military environment, while also getting his degree. It’s what drew him to Virginia Military Institute and allowed him to explore federal-civilian positions to pursue upon graduation.

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