Math Resource Center

The primary goals of the MERC are to formulate a comprehensive picture of the mathematical lives of cadets and then provide the support necessary to reinforce that picture.

In this, the MERC staff assesses what mathematical skills and experiences a VMI cadet has prior to admission. The MERC staff then strives to understand what expectations military, community, and private businesses have with regards to the mathematical skills and mathematical reasoning abilities of a graduating cadet. Finally, in this knowledge of where a cadet starts and where they will go next, the MERC staff provides every possible means to support that cadet’s journey through VMI to graduation.

The primary resource for service of the cadet corps’ mathematical needs is the Open Mathematics Laboratory (OML). Its design allows cadets to freely seek and find as much help as needed for any of VMI’s mathematics core curriculum, pre-calculus, differential equations, matrix algebra, and multi-variable calculus courses. The model for the lab is one wherein tutors are prepared to help cadets in an open and shared setting, where no appointments are necessary. OML tutors are trained, knowledgeable, and current on the specific techniques and problems taught by VMI mathematics teaching faculty. The OML is meant to complement and support, but not replace, course activities within the VMI mathematics curriculum.

  • MA-101/MA-102 - Math That Matters I & II
  • MA-103 - Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra
  • MA-114 - Pre-Calculus
  • MA-123/MA-124 - Calculus & Analytic Geometry I & II
  • MA-215 - Calculus With Analytical Geometry III
  • MA-220 - Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists
  • MA-311 - Differential Equations