Applied Mathematics Degree

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The B.S. in Applied Mathematics requires 136 semester hours which includes a minimum of 58 hours of mathematics.

The cadet who majors in applied mathematics obtains a sound basic education required for a career in the fields of Operations Research, statistics, or computational mathematics. Our approach emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, extensive use of technology, and modeling of real world problems. A variety of positions in the military, government, industry, and business are available to a graduate with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

Applied mathematics majors are also well prepared to continue their education at the graduate level in operations research, statistics, or applied mathematics.

Opportunities exist for cadet to participate in the Applied & Industrial Mathematics (AIM) program during the summer or internships with governmental agencies or in the private sector. Recently, cadets have taken internships at the Center for Army Analysis, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labs, MIT Lincoln Labs, and NASA.

Mathematics staff members serve as curricular advisers to aid majors in planning their degree program. Normally, the same adviser approves a major’s program each semester and advises the cadet throughout the entire cadetship.

Degree Requirements & Year-by-Year Course Planning


A minor in mathematics is offered to cadets who desire to complement their major area of study with mathematics. To become a candidate for the minor, the cadet must obtain the approval of both the Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and the head of the department in the major field.



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