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Public Speaking and Oral Presentations

The Writing Center can help cadets improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills by emphasizing the arts of listening, thinking and speaking. We can provide tips and techniques that will help cadets develop poise and confidence at the podium.

Professional and peer writing consultants work with cadets on every aspect of an oral assignment, from planning and conception to drafting and delivery of a well-polished speech or presentation. Here cadets can hone their presentation skills in a supportive, no-pressure environment.

We can help:

  • Draft and polish a speech or oral report
  • Manage speech anxiety
  • Find your voice
  • Incorporate gestures and inflection
  • Rehearse and fine-tune your delivery
  • Craft a visual aid
  • Organize information for effective recall
  • Adapt to your audience
If you have questions, feel free to reach out to MAJ Adam Cody, our oral communication specialist ( 

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