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In the News

Step into cadet life and explore various extracurricular activities that are offered at VMI. See how cadets, faculty advisors and coaches, and post itself, reflect the ever-changing landscape of athletics, academics, community service, and interests beyond the classroom, going the extra mile.

Christopher Hicks, part of VMI's Rifle team

Behind the Balance: Christopher Hicks ’24 — Keydet Rifle

Christopher Hicks ’24 takes a deep breath, sets up his sight, braces his weapon, and fires. For Hicks, the sport of rifle is 90% mental. It’s also long and arduous.

VMI's Building BRIDGES Club, which is centered on community service.

The Extra Mile: Building BRIDGES

VMI’s Building BRIDGES Club bridges the gap between VMI cadets, faculty, and staff and the community. Bijon Bose ’24, one of the cadets in charge for the club said he was drawn to serve his community, and helping out the community is just part of being a cadet.  

Behind the Balance: Drew Menges ’25 — Keydet Soccer

When Drew Menges '25 found Virginia Military Institute, it was nearly kismet. By attending VMI, he’d also be able to play soccer for the school while still having the opportunity to pursue serving his country.

VMI cadets participating in the Aviation Club, which allows them to take flight and gain hours for their private pilots license.

The Extra Mile: Aviation Club

Virginia Military Institute’s Aviation Club is selective — only eight people can join at a time, because VMI foots the bill for participating cadets to get five hours of flight time towards their private pilot’s license.

VMI cadet Grand Swinehart in Lexington.

Behind the Balance: Grant Swinehart ’24 — Keydet Football

Grant Swinehart knows a lot about dedication and it’s something that VMI head football coach Danny Rocco recognized. Prior to the season, Swinehart was awarded the number 0 which is a new tradition started by Rocco. Each year, number zero will be given to the captain of the special teams.

VMI cadets participate in the golf club

The Extra Mile: Golf Club

Zac Somers ’24 wasn’t hitting his shots the Sunday at a golf tournament. His swings weren’t looking good. The day just felt off. He needed some support to continue on the course.

Behind the Balance: Audrey Davis ’25 — Keydet Soccer

When the days are long and tiring — both exhausting mentally and physically — Audrey Davis '24 said she can’t give up. Cadet-athletes at VMI not only have their responsibilities with their selected sport but cadet duties on top of that.

VMI cadets lifting weights in Cocke Hall part of the powerlifting club.

The Extra Mile: Powerlifting Club

Although it’s an individual sport, the VMI Powerlifting Club is very team-oriented. When someone is going for a personal record (PR), the rest of the club is there to back them up and cheer them on.

VMI cadets receive award plaques at an Army ROTC pistol competition.

Taking Aim: Cadets Bring Home Honors From ROTC Pistol Championship

Members of VMI's Army ROTC Ranger Challenge and Combat Shooting Team recently attended the 2023 College Clash Shoot Out competition hosted by the Virginia National Guard’s Marksmanship Training Unit, with four cadets nabbing top marks.

Students with horses in Lexington, part of the VMI Equestrian Club.

The Extra Mile: Equestrian Club

When a cadet is looking for a unique club experience at the Virginia Military Institute, the equestrian club might just be the perfect fit. David Hess ’24 explained that the club is best known for its blend of riding, training, and trail adventures.

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