The Corps of Cadets conducts a dress parade most Friday afternoons, some Saturday mornings, and for special occasions when VMI is in session.

The parade showcases the professionalism of the cadets as well as the pageantry of this traditional military event.

During the 45-minute parade, the cadet regiment conducts rifle drills according to the U.S. Army standards, reports to the reviewing officer, receives orders and marches in review past the audience and the reviewing officer.

Parades are held in honor of special events such as alumni weekends, football games, Founders Day, Memorial Parade and inaugurations. 

Parade Schedule


Two photos of cadets during parades

Parades for the Corps of Cadets include:

On most Fridays the Corps marches the standard Review Parade. For these standard parades, the Corps marches in review for either the Superintendent or reviewing Officer of the day.

During the winter seasons, the parades switch from the Review Parade to a shorter version known as a Retreat Parade. 

The VMI Corps of Cadets commemorates Founders Day each November 11th with a parade and 17-gun salute to honor VMI’s founders and the nation’s veterans.

VMI cadets march in the annual Christmas Parade on Main Street in downtown Lexington.

The VMI Corps of Cadets marches in inaugural parades for US presidents.

The VMI Corps of Cadets marches in inaugural parades for Virginia governors.

Before graduation, cadets participate in the Change of Command Parade, with the outgoing regimental commander passing the regimental colors to the superintendent, who hands them to the incoming regimental commander.

The Memorial Parade commemorates the bravery and sacrifice of all alumni who died on the field of honor.


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