Community Notification - VMI cadets will be participating in Spring Field Training Exercises (Spring FTX) Friday, March 31 through Tuesday, April 4. Trainings will occur throughout Rockbridge County, including the Goshen Boy Scout Camp, the Chessie Nature Trail, and on/around VMI post. There may be traffic delays in the area. Weapons training may also be heard.


People who are mentally healthy feel good about themselves and others. Having good mental health means being able to deal with the demands, challenges, and changes in everyday life.

Regardless of age, race, sex, or status, everybody is subject to emotional upset. Feeling angry, down, or anxious is a normal reaction to life events and these emotions tend to come and go often. However, when these emotions persist for weeks or months, and begin to interfere with daily life, it may be a sign that professional help could be beneficial.

Schedule an appointment by phone at 540-464-7667, in person on the 2nd floor of the VMI Health Center, or by email at

Messages left after 4:30 p.m. will be reviewed the following business day.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment

If you will be late for an appointment call and let us know at 540-464-7667. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

Who is eligible for counseling services?

All full-time cadets currently enrolled in classes at VMI are eligible for services at the Center for Cadet Counseling.

What to expect at the initial appointment?

Arrive 20 minutes early to your first appointment.  This time allows you to review information about our center and our confidentiality and privacy policy.  Additionally, we will ask you to answer some questions about yourself so we can best address and meet your needs. 

Initial appointments typically last 45 minutes. Depending on your needs, we may recommend you make a follow-up appointment with our office.