Health and Wellness

VMI’s Cadet Health and Wellness services and programs encourage cadets to strive for balance and well-being. 

Throughout the year, cadets receive information on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; nutrition; stress management; sleep hygiene; interpersonal relationships; resiliency; and the benefits of physical activity.   Health and wellness programs focus on education, prevention, and awareness through various mediums such as the Cadet Health and Wellness Fair; “HEADliners;” monthly newsletter, the Cadet Health and Wellness Instagram page; partnering with community agencies to provide events during high stress times; individual nutrition consultations; through tobacco cessation products and tools; and as needed or upon request.

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General Health Topics and Links

Light Therapy      

Light therapy involves daily, scheduled exposure to intense levels of artificial light and is used to regulate seasonal mood swings, improve sleep patterns, and enhance feelings of well-being. Not only is light therapy beneficial for seasonal affective disorder, but also for the treatment of chronic non-seasonal depression. The light therapy box is recommended for use in intervals of 20 to 30 minutes, which compares to the level of exposure an individual would receive on a walk outside on a sunny day. During light therapy, cadets can read, listen to music, practice mindfulness, work on a computer, or simply relax. Light therapy is not intended for use by everyone; cadets with symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, currently on prescription medications, a history of eye conditions, should speak with a physician prior to beginning light therapy.

Resource Library

Various resource materials and self-help books are available for loan at the CCC. You are invited to come explore the resource library and pick out materials of interest.



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